Dangerous Diseases Arising from smoking

A cigarette turned out to contain 200 kinds of toxins and chemicals that are harmful to health. Not only poison nicotine that could demonize the lungs, there are other chemicals can lead to paralysis of the vital organs of the human body’s solid.

It is a pack of two packs of cigarettes smoked did not cause any impact. But, if the cigarette addict who has been doing it for years, the negative impact can be felt. Here is a row of chronic diseases caused by smoking.

1. Lung Cancer

The lungs are a nightmare that would be faced by a cigarette addict. Nicotine is a carcinogen, the originator of the incidence of cancer in the respiratory tract and lungs. Nicotine that accumulates in the lungs for years could be removed completely by the body to poison the lungs.

Incidence of cancer was initially not perceived at all by the infected. However, in the invisible, the seeds of cancer spread everywhere good attacking cells. New cancer sufferers feel as chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Unfortunately, a new patient to see a doctor if she had cancer when it is severe.

2. Stroke

Properties such as stealth attack stroke sudden, initially not considered at all, like normal healthy people. But the next day suddenly people with paralyzed body next door and certainly he could not walk, her speech was inconsequential. Stroke caused by blockage of the vessels there are in the brain. Blockage caused by accumulation of plaque from cholesterol and nicotine.

When a nerve is blocked, blood vessels can rupture, causing a blood clot in the brain. Blood clot was pressing the brain that disrupts the function of other nerves and cause paralysis of the arms and legs.

Stroke is the second killer disease after coronary heart disease. The cause of stroke is an unhealthy lifestyle, such as frequent smoking, lack of exercise, like drinking coffee, and liquor.

3. Oral Cancer

Addicted to cigarettes, including among those prone to mouth cancer. In fact, most people with oral cancer in idap by cigarette addicts. Human tissue in the mouth, including the sensitive area exposed to smoke.

Nicotine that accumulates on the walls of the mouth can damage the structure of the tissue around the mouth. Resulting in decreased function of the tongue, difficulty speaking, and of course eating patterns disrupted.

4. Coronary Heart

Coronary heart disease is the number one killer in Indonesia. This disease is a vehicle angel of death who could at any time go faster towards anyone who potentially suffered from coronary heart. One is active smokers and people who do not care about their health.
Strong desire

Determination or a strong desire, and tip to stop smoking is the key to successful smoking cessation program for you. Therefore the first tip to stop smoking is to build desire / determination in yourself.

How? One way to foster a strong desire is to find a good reason why you should stop smoking? Reason this will then be the foundation of your determination. The more positive reasons that prompted you to quit smoking, the desire or determination to quit smoking you will also be more sturdy.
Recognize the Dangers Smoking

Recognizing the dangers of smoking is also one of the tips for growing determination to quit smoking. You’ll want to know the dangers of smoking. Consultation with your doctor, read books, browse articles on the dangers of smoking is an effective way to know more about the dangers of smoking.
Find Support

Communicate your resolve to quit smoking on people nearby. Ask for support from them, so you do not feel themselves to realize the dream of quitting. Support from loved ones who surround you will keep your spirit and your desire to continue to do my best. Quitting smoking not only benefits you, but also for them (the people you love).

Setting a target date when you will stop smoking is very important. Because, without a target, you will tend to put off the desire to be rid of the shackles of opium smoking. Better yet, if you make a schedule for phasing plan smoking cessation programs.

For example, the first month you reduce consumption of 3 bars per day. The second month you reduce the consumption of cigarettes, 2 sticks per day. Three months back reducing cigarette consumption, just one cigarette per day. First week of the fourth month onwards, non-smoking.

The neighborhood has a very important influence in someone’s life. Likewise, smokers, usually one starts smoking because the environment is doing the same thing. Therefore, away from the smoker becomes a consideration.

When we intend to stop smoking say emphatically to the people in the neighborhood that we want to stop smoking. If they are good people, they will respect our decision and will not affect us to return to smoking. If they just laugh at our desires, then the environment is feasible to be shunned.
Changing Habits

Smoking becomes difficult to stop because it was a custom of the day-to-day. Therefore, how to quit smoking by changing habits can be done in a way no longer involving cigarettes on daily activities.

For example, when after eating and smoking has become a habit, then change these habits such as eating simply by drinking juice or eating desserts like pudding fresh.
Government Policy

When attempts to quit smoking have done to yourself centered, it can be supported by policies imposed by the government.

Some countries have given to raise the price of cigarettes, banning smoking in public places so narrow a space for smokers, socialization dangers of smoking, the tobacco industry to ban the establishment.

The policies that narrow the smoking activity is one way to stop smoking tip effective not only for those who want to quit, but also for those who do not even intend to quit smoking.

Tip to Stop Smoking

In general, there is no effective tip to quit smoking if not followed by the determination of the self-smokers themselves. Therefore, the strong desire to quit smoking should first be grown inside. So by itself any simple tip to stop smoking will be effective.
Anti smoking campaign Dilemma

Why do people Indonesia is difficult to stop smoking because of Indonesia’s largest tobacco producer in the world. Most tobacco-producing areas of Waterford, Wonosobo, Klaten, Madura, and northern Sumatra.

Yields of tobacco farmers sold to factories which is becoming a major tobacco farmers subscription. Selling tobacco tobacco prices higher than other agricultural commodities. Inevitably when planting tobacco, growing tobacco farmers switch simultaneously.

The average cigarette producing region prosperous condition, most of the tax sector tobacco farmers. Cigarette factories employing thousands of people and continues to ramp up production on his cigarette.

The cigarette industry is the highest tax contributor on the subject of other taxes. In other words, the national development financed by taxes on cigarettes, including setting up mosques, hospitals, schools and so forth. In essence, tobacco being the belle of the benefits enjoyed by commodity widely.

Polemic arose when the MUI issued a fatwa against tobacco. The strong reaction comes not from used tobacco, but rather from tobacco farmers and cigarette factory workers.

If tobacco is prohibited, it is feared that died first instead of heavy smokers but tobacco farmers and cigarette industry and labor as well.

Tobacco farmers were no less fierce clash argument. If smoking haram means of development, such as schools, mosques, and that in fact supported health centers of illicit tobacco tax bandwagon. Seeing these conditions, the government was forced to swallow fruits like awry.

Apparently, the high taxes imposed on cigarette taxes do not affect any of the active smokers. Again very hard to reduce the addiction to cigarettes in Indonesia. Even the worse, cigarette manufacturers eyeing a new target market that novice smokers.

With a variety of creative advertising of cigarettes, it is able to capture the attention of new customers. Government policy on tobacco advertising restrictions are very weak. Look at a variety of sports tournaments and music performances blatantly sponsored by the tobacco industry.
Anti-smoking campaign

Perhaps the only death that can drive people to seek tip quit smoking. People die because of smoking became ambassador highly effective anti-smoking campaign. Well, who’s going to die young because of smoking? Of course nobody wants it?

An example is campaign undertaken by the U.S. and the PRC are displayed on the packaging challenge pictures residual disease caused by cigarettes. In America, children under 21 years are prohibited buy cigarette, then a lot of places that prohibit smoking.

Therefore, the freedom of people to smoke in public spaces are hard pressed. What about Indonesia? Apparently smoking ban campaign models developed countries also was applied in Indonesia.

So far, there is only a ban on smoking area at the gas station, now expanded its scope. For example, at the Tugu Station, Yogyakarta became the sterile rooms. In order to ensure the area is free from cigarette smoke, Tugu Station management did not hesitate to pull guard who rebuked the cigarette out. In addition, the sterile cigarette implemented in schools, banks, government offices and others.

Cake Recipes: Simple Banana Cake


If you have bananas that are too ripe, most delicious made ??this cake. This practical cake, it’s not too sweet and very strong banana aroma. Chewed more comfortable while enjoying a cup of coffee.

110 g unsalted butter
200 g sugar
2 chicken eggs
400 g ripe bananas Ambon, peeled, mashed
90 ml fresh milk, stirring with 1 tablespoon lemon juice
Sift together:
280 g flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla powder
1 tbsp sunflower seeds
2 tablespoons sliced ??almonds

How to Make:

Shoe loaf pan 22 x 10×8 cm with margarine and sprinkle with a little flour.
Beat the butter and sugar until smooth.
Add the eggs one by one while beat until blended.
Enter subtle banana and stir well.
Enter the flour mixture, alternating with milk.
Stir well, pour into the pan.
Give topping ingredients.
Bake in hot oven 180 C for 40 minutes.
Remove and let cool.

Serving for 12 servings.

Prevent Prostate Cancer with lot Eating Carrots

Carrots are super vegetables with high nutrition with multiple benefits. Except for the eyes, skin, immune system tubuh.Penelitian also to the latest at the University of York also prove effective if the carrot nutrients prevent prostate cancer.

According to the head of the study, Professor Norman Maitland, a high consumption of vitamin A to be the key to a healthy body. These nutrients can also help the body dispel disease that attacks the virus. Vitamin A will form retenoic acid that can prevent the virus spreading cancer.

Prof. Maitland noted the importance of preventing dangerous diseases, such as prostate cancer. Prevention early on is absolutely necessary, than the new health care when the health condition is deteriorating “It’s actually more to how we prevent than cure and it can stop the spread of cancer cells,” said Prof. Maitland

According to Prof. Maitland, retenoic acid content can reduce the aggressiveness of the cancer cells. “It’s long been known that men who have low vitamin A has a relationship with prostate cancer,” said Prof. Maitland. In addition to the carrots, the high content of vitamin A can also be found in green vegetables.

In addition to carrots, other foods that need to be consumed by men to prevent cancer is papaya. In a study published in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that if the high lycopene content in papaya may reduce the development of prostate cancer cells by 82%.

Consumption of carrots regularly and in high amounts is also good for skin beauty. Carrots contain carotenoids that help maintain skin health and beauty. The content of vitamins and minerals in carrots is also known to increase libido.

Here’s 4 Food Additives Used For Instant Noodles!

In addition to using basic ingredients wheat flour, vegetable oil and salt. When the process of making noodles also use dyes, flavor enhancers are also antioxidants. The addition of these substances is useful for creating a good flavor and texture.

In the manufacture of instant noodles, some kind of food additives used for its benefits. Here are four types of materials commonly used food additives for the manufacture of instant noodles.

1. sodium polyphosphate

Sodium polyphosphate commonly used as a food additive instant noodles paa useful for emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners. There is also the use of sodium tripolyphosphate is used as blowing agents. Even this substance is said to be injurious to health if consumed in the long run.

2. Tartrazine CL 1940

The dyes used are one hour in 1965. Artificial coloring additives are often used for instant noodles. This artificial dyes commonly used in the food industry and there are many options such as sunsetyellow FCF (orange), karmoisin (red) and brilliant blue FCF (blue).


TBHQ or tertiary butylhydroquinone is a highly effective antioxidant. Commonly used as a preservative oils or vegetable oils animal. Useful to maintain the quality of taste or aroma oil. United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), set a safe limit use of TBHQ about 0.02% of the amount of oil used.

Photo: Wikipedia
4. MSG

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), also known as sodium glutamate. Is a sodium salt of glutamic acid or one type of nonnatural amino acids essential. Amplifier is used for savory flavor and aroma boosters.

Successfully Made Bread with Lowest Calories in England

Good news for those who are dieting carbohydrates. Now a baker in England has developed a bread product with the lowest calorie content. Uniquely, these homemade products made ??of broccoli!

Paul Shackleton, a British banker turned-baker Bread has launched Plan. A sandwich delivery business that uses bread carb free, low in calories, and made ??of broccoli.

Although it does not have experience in the field of bakery, 27-year-old man had a vision to create the healthiest bread in the world.

Paul recognizes this vision of getting his old job environment. “I always feel guilty after eating unhealthy sandwich at lunch and I found many of my colleagues actually stop the consumption of healthy food sandwich with no other alternative,” he told

He taught himself through books in the British Library. He observed further medical research on how food is stored as fat and designing more than 150 prototypes before finally choosing bread recipes Bread’s Plan.

Plan Bread’s made ??from natural ingredients and broccoli as a main ingredient of bread earned the accolade in the UK with the lowest calories from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). The special recipe that makes this bread has 50 percent less calories and 94% less carbohydrates than regular bread.

In comparison, 100 grams of regular bread contains 300 calories and 34 carbs, while the Plan’s just mengandung137 Bread calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates. In addition, this bread is also good for people with special needs because of gluten, soy, and almost free GI.

Want Nugget Eating Protein Rich Savory locusts?

Insect locust wood (Valanga nigricornis) so often people Gunungkidul a snack fried grasshoppers. The high protein snack. This time the process became a student savory nuggets are delicious!

In the wet conditions, locusts protein could reach 40 percent, and after dried and fried increase to 60 percent. Due to the high content of protein, grasshoppers can be used as an alternative source of animal protein. Locust tree wood are usually living on cassava, maize, teak and acacia treetops.

By students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Ridho Andika Putra, grasshoppers processed into nuggets. This nugget can be consumed by children and adults as a side dish or snack.

“Our Grasshopper if so nugget. Terms of presentation is very practical. During this time when we see the grasshopper processed normally fried with a rough texture,” said Ridho,
Ridho admitted making products grasshopper nugget is an effort to increase the value added in the aspect of the form and manner of presentation. Even this refined products is expected to help meet the protein consumption.

“This form of diversification of local development that is not dependent import. As a source of protein-rich foods, is expected to help the grasshopper nuggets of nutrition for the poor, because the price is affordable,” he said.

Grasshopper nugget making process is not too complicated. Increment, grasshoppers cleaned and steamed half-baked. Then coarsely ground and mixed with spices that have been mashed. Marinade made from garlic, pepper, salt and flavoring, corn starch, water, and eggs.

Furthermore grasshopper delicately blended with spices and flour batter, printed in a baking dish and steamed until cooked for 15 minutes. Then cooled and cut into rectangular pieces, coated with egg white and flour panir.

“Once it’s fried until golden brown. Nugget locusts ready disnatpa,” said Ridho who currently receive funding from the Higher Education for Student Creativity Program (PKM) in 2013’s.)

Apparently women More Scared Than Overweight humpback

Generally, women love the aesthetics. Starting from the beauty of the face, the body, until the appearance would be a concern. But what if his posture does not support due to kyphosis?

Kyphosis or stooped turned out to be a fear factor, even more frightening than being overweight. Dr Siti Annisa Nuhonni SpKFR a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation revealed that kyphosis is silent desease.

“Kyphosis posture will be very damaging especially women. Because when women have good posture will certainly be more beautiful,” he said.

He also said that based on the results of the survey, a third of Indonesian women worry about osteoporosis. Because osteoporosis can limit mobility and can cause physical dependence on others.

Well, for the women under 30 years old are strongly advised to meet calcium needs. Calcium is needed around 1000-1200 per day. Not only that, exercise and physical activity should also be made to strengthen the bones.