Careful Shopping in Singapore, many Deception

Singapore has always tease anyone who comes to shopping. But be careful when shopping there. Quite often dealers fool you.

Fraud attempts through jack up the price with tax reasons. One of the tourists from Indonesia, Kurniawan Danang, nearly became the victim.

Goods in this place is not sold at fixed price negotiable alias. Some vendors sell electronic goods, especially gadgets, with a lower price.

Kurniawan had settled on one of the company’s smartphone origin United States (U.S.). The goods sold in the country with a price of about $ 8000. Traders in Lucky Plaza opening worth SG $ 750 price or exchange rate of $ 8000 to $ 10000.

Bargaining occurred, the phone was sold for SG $ 700 or $ 4000. “Wow, this is really cheap,” Kurniawan said.

But when the credit card is issued from the wallet, the dealer explained that the item must be unlocked to be used all over the world. Well, to do so subject to a fee of 23% of the price so that the whole becomes SG $ 903 or equivalent to $ 1000 .

Kurniawan was the idea. He had already ‘ill-fill’ with all sorts of costs. Once in the car, he told the driver his hotel rental car.

“It’s rubish (it’s crap). Almost cheated you,” said the driver who is often called Raymond’s.

Raymond also told many similar cases. Though the price of the goods sufficient listed. No further additions. Moreover, the cost for the functioning of the international gadget no.

“Be careful when shopping in Singapore. Here too there are merchants a fraud,” he added.