Recipe Sushi: Jumbo Roll

Sushi fans are guaranteed satisfaction with sushi this one. In addition to filling too thick complete. Of kyuri, kani, tamago unagi up. Solid rolled up more steady. Do not forget to dip in shoyu and wasabi before chewing. Oishii!

10 g kyuri / zucchini
20 g omelette / tamago
braised mushroom sauce
2 pieces kani / crab stick
20 g roasted unagi
200 g – 250 g rice suhi

How to Make:
Cut kyuri, omelette and mushrooms lengthwise.
Place the nori on the makisu (part rough nori is facing up).
Averaged over the entire surface of sushi rice nori.
Arrange kyuri, mushroom, kani, unagi and tamago in the middle.
Give a little fish powder.
Roll up solid and he hit good form.
Cut in half and then cut each into 4 pieces.
Serve immediately.

Serving for 8 servings.

UN Thinkin ‘Iron Man’ to War

In the film world, ala Iron Man robot used by Tony Stark to keep the peace by fighting against evil. So, what if the robot was actually used in a real war?

Iron Man style armor does not can not be achieved by humans sometime in the future, even the United Nations agencies (UN) agreed that robots could be used for war.

Yes, the UN is considering robot equipped with weapons to be used in a real battlefield. But on the other hand, the UN did not want the robot is used to kill humans.

Currently, the UN is still unsure of the robot is able to correctly identify the target automatically without human intervention.

Indeed, the use of robots or policies ala Iron Man armor in the battlefield is still raw. However, if realized, that science fiction films on the screen crowded closer to the real world.

Fabulous! Sri Mulyani Back in Line of Most Influential Women in the World

Former Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati back into the ranks of ‘The World’s Most Powerful Women 2013,’ Most Powerful Women in 2013 ‘Forbes. Director of the World Bank to be the sole representative of Indonesia, entered the ranks of the. Fabulous!

Forbes writes Sri Mulyani is the most senior woman sitting in the bank world since May 2010 as Director. He oversees the countries in Asia and parts of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. She said she was never able to bring Indonesia survive ‘attack’ the global financial crisis without the ‘injury’ iota when it became Minister of Finance.

As Forbes notes in 2013, the World Bank managed to put some pressure on Bangladesh untu overhaul labor laws when a series of accidents causing deaths occur in the country.

When sitting at the World Bank, Sri Mulyani never expressed an opinion about a how poverty can not be eradicated without good governance. This article was first contained in the Thomson-Reuters Foundation TrustLaw on May 16, 2013 and also published in the official website of the World Bank.

Sri Mulyani was initially told about the conviction that the World Bank wants to end poverty worldwide by 2030. However, the opinion section of Sri Mulyani, one of which poverty can be eradicated if the government in each state is free of corruption.

“The things that it takes quite a lot in the end the poverty, the strong growth, a considerable investment in infrastructure, increase agricultural productivity, better business environment, jobs, better education and quality healthcare,” he explained.

“This needs to be supported by a government that is free of corruption. Without better governance, then it will probably lift 1.2 billion people living below the poverty line,” said former Finance Minister of Indonesia.

Sri Mulyani said, there is an official of a middle-income country who told him that in order to achieve prosperity together very difficult. Because, the growth of the middle class who have high expectations to be disappointed when the country of corruption and lack of services. “This makes them less willing to support their country,” said Sri Mulyani.

“Most poignant is the middle class. At a certain level this is a good news for the middle class wants demanding better services but they are less tolerant of corruption and bad governance,” he said again.

Sri Mulyani was busy talking back in Indonesia after the Commission was willing to come all the way to examine the former minister as witnesses related to the case of Bank Century. I wonder what the results of the Commission, however, Sri Mulyani under the World Bank’s ongoing anti-corruption voice and clung to eradicate poverty in the world. Congratulations, Sri Mulyani.

Sushi Recipes: Chirashi Sushi

This easy classic sushi made ??with toppings complete. Salmon, sea bass, and pickled vegetables and noti. Enough is put in a bowl and then sprinkled with toppings, even this delicious sushi ready to eat.

sushi rice
barramundi fillet, cut into small
salmon fillet marinated in Shoya, cut into small
pickled ginger, cut into small
pickled radish, cut into small
kyuri or Japanese cucumber, cut into small
nori, thinly sliced

How to Make:
Place the sushi rice in a bowl.
Arrange all the topping ingredients in it.
Serve immediately.

Serving for 1 serving.

Palapa-E Spend $ 250 Million Fee

Indosat telecom operators will allocate a budget of USD 200 million to USD 250 million for the design, production, until the launch of Palapa-E is planned orbiting in 2016.

“It costs USD 200 million to USD 250 million. Now again the manufacturing design process,” said Indosat President Director & CEO Alexander Rusli in a short message on Monday (06/05/2013).

For process design, production and launch of the Palapa-E later, Indosat took Orbital Sciences Corporation of the United States. The satellite will orbit at 150.5 East longitude slot (BT).

Satellite launch plan is to serve the needs of the community of telecommunications services and to support the government in maintaining state assets associated orbital slot 150.5 BT.

“Indosat has experienced in providing telecommunications services over satellite networks since 1967 and currently has Indosat satellite network covers the territory of Indonesia, ASEAN, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Australia,” he said.

Currently operate Indosat Palapa-C2 at 150.5 slot BT and Palapa-D in slot 113 BT through ground stations in Jatiluhur, West Java.

Palapa-C2 satellite was launched in 1996. Palapa-D satellite while occupying slot 113 BT, launched on August 31, 2009 from Xichang, China.

“We are ready to support Indosat as our customer, in this important project for Indonesia. We believe that Geostar-2 satellite from Orbital is the optimal solution to meet the needs of Indosat satellite,” said Executive Vice President and General Manager, Satellites and Space Systems Group , Orbital Sciences Corporation, Mike Larkin.

Palapa-E will have a capacity that consists of a C-band transponders as well as standard and extended Ku-band transponders (optional). The satellite will serve parts of Indonesia, ASEAN and Asia Pacific Regional.

This satellite will also be part of the backbone network to support the entire service Indosat, both cellular, fixed telecommunications, and data remains.

Indosat Satellite services provided include Transponder Lease as basic services to meet the connectivity needs of corporations and governments, such as for e-ID card networks, ISPs, and other network through VSAT, and DigiBouquet and telecast to meet customer service broadcasting.

“Business lease satellite transponder as it continues to grow we will fill the slot,” explained Alex.

Palapa-D satellite in orbit 113 BT site has broadcast 55 TV channels and 5 radio channels free-to-air (not paid) from within and outside the country including most of the national TV and enjoyed by approximately 15 million receivers in Indonesia .

This satellite is also a mainstay means of broadcasting for three pay-TV operators nationwide with a total of 200 channels pay channels.

Effect of Self-Evaluation Against Life Behavior Social Environment

In the era of globalization, many people are busy evaluating each other, giving rise to a sense of social jealousy between each other and cause peace to not even make the broken whole personality especially against yourself. And it is necessary to against yourself, as the saying goes: “I Start From Yourself and Me Start From The Least. Mutual One Abusing Never Blame Yourself Better Soon “. The implied meaning of the sentence, the contents of which contains a very valuable and priceless if we want a nation in a changing country Indonesia especially in our State, we must begin to conduct a self-evaluation of ourselves before evaluating other people who are in around us.

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Cake Recipe: Parmesan Cheese Muffin

If not too skilled to make the cake, let alone make these muffins. Practical and easily made. Blend of cheddar and parmesan cheese gives a savory taste delicious in this muffin. Scent of thyme and chili powder to make it more savory muffins tasty.


175 g flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
2 chicken eggs
50 g butter, melted
120 ml milk
50 g cheddar cheese, cut into small
50 g parmesan cheese powder

1 tsp red chilli powder
50 g cheddar cheese, cut into small

How to Make:
Mix flour, baking powder, thyme and chili powder in a container.
Stir until well blended.
Combine eggs with butter and milk.
Whisk gently to blend.
Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture, little by little while stirring gently until well blended.
Pour into 6 bowls of paper, up to half the height.
Give pieces of cheese and parmesan cheese on it.
Pour the batter until almost full again.
Sprinkle with cheese slices and chili powder.
Bake in hot oven 180 C for 30 minutes.
Remove and serve warm.

Serving for 6 servings.

Put Analog to Digital Camera Lens? Just come to New Markets Jakarta

For most photography enthusiasts, the name Atomic Metro Plaza, New Market may already be familiar. In the legendary shopping center in the area of ??Central Jakarta, precisely on the 2nd floor, you will find the center of the camera that has been popular since ancient times.

Buying and selling new and used cameras, photography accessories to repair services, either digital or analog camera is here.

Interestingly, in this same place there are also several places that provide services to the installation of analog lens digital camera.

One of the outlets visited were Vases Camera. Although now the era of digital technology, but according to the narrative of the owner, Jimmy, analog lens retains its charm. “Analog lenses continue to be hunted, plus a lot of demand,” he said.

Yes, not a thing that can not be paired to a manual lens is analog or digital cameras. To do so, the technician must match mounting the lens on the camera mounting user. After that perform the settings in some parts, such as the diaphragm, up to infinity.

Jimmy said he had ordered to Hong Kong to get the necessary mounting. “Almost all brands of analog camera can be paired lenses, but most of which comes life Nikon and Canon,” he explained

Regarding the level of difficulty, he said to the Nikon brand, is more difficult than other brands. “Make infinitynya difficult if Nikon Kismet,” he added. As for the process, it takes about 3 hours per lens.

There are several reasons to pair lens digital camera owners manual in its appliances. “Besides being more expensive, the images of some analog lens is sharper, especially for fixed lens,” said one activist photography Ready Hidalgo.

How much does it cost to work? For those who have a collection of manual lenses, set costs around $ 30 per lens.

There is no risk on the camera lens when applied analog. Still on the 2nd floor, a few other stores also provide similar services.

How to Make Bread Churros

How to Make Bread Churros:

125 g unsalted butter
250 ml of water
1/2 tsp salt
Versatile 250 g flour, sifted
3 eggs, beaten off
1 L of oil for frying

Topping, mix together:

50 g powdered sugar

2 tsp cinnamon powder

Chocolate sauce:
250 g dark cooking chocolate
350 ml milk
4 tablespoons (150 g) granulated sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch, dissolved in 2 tbsp of boiled water

How to Make:
Chocolate sauce: Heat the chocolate over medium heat until melted, add the milk and sugar, stirring until blended. Enter the cornstarch solution and cook until the liquid thickens. Lift.
Churros: Heat the butter with water and salt until melted. Reduce the heat, put the flour little by little and stir quickly until well blended. Remove, let cool.
Add the eggs gradually while gently until the dough is smooth. Put it in a bag of spray, which has been given a syringe jagged edges.
Solution: Spray a 6 cm round dough into the oil and lots of hot, fry until golden brown and cooked, remove from heat. Drain, let cool. Churros Sprinkle with topping ingredients until blended. Dip the churros into the chocolate sauce to be eaten now.

For 12 pieces

Look out! Fans Seek Cyber ??trap Messi & Ronaldo

Nobody denies the popularity of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the world of football. To the extent, both famous names so a fishing pole to the action of theft aka phishing information in the digital realm.

According to Symantec Security Response, cyber fraudsters (phisher) today began menggeber related scam the 2014 World Cup, and the football world celebrities.

Two names are often the bait is Messi and Ronaldo. Base are both huge fans a reason why actors choose Barcelona and Real Madrid star is.

True perpetrator goal is simple, cheat fans Messi and CR7 to then steal their credentials. This trend continued in the month of April 2013 in which phishers use the same strategy.

One of phishing operations by requiring users to enter their Facebook login credentials on the profile page created for Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona, ??or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The phishing site contains images of Messi and Ronaldo, and try to make it look as if they are both official Facebook page.

Some of these fake websites have the title ‘the first social networking site in the world’. The user is prompted for credentials to connect to the Facebook login page of Facebook.

Having entered the victim’s personal information, he then directed back to the fan page Messi or Ronaldo are original to create the impression of a valid login.

If users become victims of phishing websites by entering their login credentials, will phisher managed to steal their information for identity theft purposes.

Here are the steps that must be carried out for internet users avoid phishing attacks:

-. Do not click on suspicious links in email.
-. Do not provide any personal information when answering an email.
-. Do not enter personal information on the page or screen pop-up.
-. Make sure the website is encrypted with SSL certificate by looking at the padlock, ‘https’, or a green address bar when entering personal or financial information
-. Use comprehensive security software.
-. Be careful when clicking on interesting links sent via email or posted on social networking
-. Report fake websites and email (to Facebook, send a complaint to the fraud