Want Nugget Eating Protein Rich Savory locusts?

Insect locust wood (Valanga nigricornis) so often people Gunungkidul a snack fried grasshoppers. The high protein snack. This time the process became a student savory nuggets are delicious!

In the wet conditions, locusts protein could reach 40 percent, and after dried and fried increase to 60 percent. Due to the high content of protein, grasshoppers can be used as an alternative source of animal protein. Locust tree wood are usually living on cassava, maize, teak and acacia treetops.

By students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Ridho Andika Putra, grasshoppers processed into nuggets. This nugget can be consumed by children and adults as a side dish or snack.

“Our Grasshopper if so nugget. Terms of presentation is very practical. During this time when we see the grasshopper processed normally fried with a rough texture,” said Ridho,
Ridho admitted making products grasshopper nugget is an effort to increase the value added in the aspect of the form and manner of presentation. Even this refined products is expected to help meet the protein consumption.

“This form of diversification of local development that is not dependent import. As a source of protein-rich foods, is expected to help the grasshopper nuggets of nutrition for the poor, because the price is affordable,” he said.

Grasshopper nugget making process is not too complicated. Increment, grasshoppers cleaned and steamed half-baked. Then coarsely ground and mixed with spices that have been mashed. Marinade made from garlic, pepper, salt and flavoring, corn starch, water, and eggs.

Furthermore grasshopper delicately blended with spices and flour batter, printed in a baking dish and steamed until cooked for 15 minutes. Then cooled and cut into rectangular pieces, coated with egg white and flour panir.

“Once it’s fried until golden brown. Nugget locusts ready disnatpa,” said Ridho who currently receive funding from the Higher Education for Student Creativity Program (PKM) in 2013’s.)

Apparently women More Scared Than Overweight humpback

Generally, women love the aesthetics. Starting from the beauty of the face, the body, until the appearance would be a concern. But what if his posture does not support due to kyphosis?

Kyphosis or stooped turned out to be a fear factor, even more frightening than being overweight. Dr Siti Annisa Nuhonni SpKFR a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation revealed that kyphosis is silent desease.

“Kyphosis posture will be very damaging especially women. Because when women have good posture will certainly be more beautiful,” he said.

He also said that based on the results of the survey, a third of Indonesian women worry about osteoporosis. Because osteoporosis can limit mobility and can cause physical dependence on others.

Well, for the women under 30 years old are strongly advised to meet calcium needs. Calcium is needed around 1000-1200 per day. Not only that, exercise and physical activity should also be made to strengthen the bones.