Recipe Sushi: Jumbo Roll

Sushi fans are guaranteed satisfaction with sushi this one. In addition to filling too thick complete. Of kyuri, kani, tamago unagi up. Solid rolled up more steady. Do not forget to dip in shoyu and wasabi before chewing. Oishii!

10 g kyuri / zucchini
20 g omelette / tamago
braised mushroom sauce
2 pieces kani / crab stick
20 g roasted unagi
200 g – 250 g rice suhi

How to Make:
Cut kyuri, omelette and mushrooms lengthwise.
Place the nori on the makisu (part rough nori is facing up).
Averaged over the entire surface of sushi rice nori.
Arrange kyuri, mushroom, kani, unagi and tamago in the middle.
Give a little fish powder.
Roll up solid and he hit good form.
Cut in half and then cut each into 4 pieces.
Serve immediately.

Serving for 8 servings.